Work on your sphere of control and the blame game

This point can shape your life and lead you to success. This was used I great effect in a company I worked years back. We were a Telecom company and operating in five cities versus 25 of others. Even the network in our own city was limited.

The conscious decision taken by the management was to keep coverage on one side and not discuss during the business planning as not being in our control. Two lines were drawn one one side was network and the other was left for ideation.

It took us time to mentally get tuned to it. But, once we did we where able to find multiple solutions to grow business. Ideas flew in, business started growing. In fact to the tune that we made the competition’s life miserable in those five towns.

The lesson I learnt are two as an organization be transparent of your limitations and accept. The other is align your team to work on what’s available and say while the point is valid but not under control.

Similarly as an employee you should bring up concerns as a discussion to improve the company’s value. But, on the other hand work purely on what is under your own control.

Some tips

Work on your sphere of control

Stop criticizing other functions

Stop blaming others

(Your team or other people) for poor performance if it’s under your sphere as an executive or leader you are the owner.


In your sphere of control but think out of the box

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