The power of three

In my earlier post I mentioned about taking a target of doubling the number. During the same period I learned another important rule the power of three. So the rule goes as follows:

if you do well three days in a row or three month in a row or three years in a row you are sure that the fourth cycle would happen. Is there a science that supports it I am not sure of. But, I sence success if I am able to do it three cycles continuously.

The second part is this is my way of checking the outcome. Post using this rule I had the following benefits:

  • I had clear visibility if I am going in the right direction.
  • I could do an immediate course correction in case I am missing the third cycle on a three day continuous basis.
  • From a medium term three months in a row too is a good way to watch
  • Finally at a strategic level if the business performs for three years well you are on a roll

There is one thing you need to watch for that your team is not manipulating numbers which can happen in any business. So you should have clear and transparent outcome monitoring devices or you may end up being duped.

Yes outcomes and results are what we are supposed to deliver. But, just looking and knowing outcomes would not lead you anywhere but failure. What matters is what effective inputs are you putting in your business…

You may find my views divergent from most who talk of targets, stretched targets etc. I prefer doubling my number by working on effective inputs that leads to results.

Happy selling – All the best

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