The art of replication – one plus one is not equal to 2 but 11

Having studied mathematics most of my time, I feel this is where maths fail. People management is an art that you should learn as soon as possible. Team lead is just a matter of a year or two if you are a graduate. For MBAs it may be immediate too.

What is the art of replication?

I define it simply training your team to be as skilled as yourself.

The fear of replication

the worst fear of replication is that they might be someday that you might become redundant for an organisation. Hence I have seen many leaders not sharing the reasons of success to the team members or training them to become better. this is fine if you really want to stay where you are in life or grow slow.

Replication lead to success

Advantages of replication

Replication has his own advantages

  • It’s painful in the near term but saves you lot of time in the long run
  • You can take a backseat from execution hand work on developing the business
  • Save lot of time avoiding micromanagement while details are critical you should never micromanage them
  • Your productivity increases tremendously as the team starts performing better and better
  • Better the team lesser the instructions and more time for yourself.
  • You get more time to develop yourself learn new things new ways to do business. As your team keeps you on your toes.
  • Learning is mutual the more you teach the better your own concept become.
  • While there are many advantages the last one which matters the most are the results which improve big time.

Invest in your team make them as good as you yourself. Remember as there is dearth of good team members. So is for good leaders!!!

Replicate and so well