You are worthless – Sounds familiar – So how do you come out of it?

You are worthless – You can’t do anything – You will end being a failure!!!

Sounds familiar – Yes everyone goes through this grind. I have gone through it too. It can be pretty depressing, specially these sentences hit you when you are as it is struggling to stay afloat forget about being successful.

The big mistake we do is believe in what the other person is saying and instead of acting on it we start getting a shell. Confine ourselves in a room real or virtual and move into a low zone.

Negativity can destroy you!!!

So how do you handle such a situation?

Develop you emotional muscle.

The first is to block all negative statement that are being told to you. The best is to avoid the person who is making you feel worthless. In case you cannot avoid the other way is way is to face the person and ignore what he is saying. Don’t debate don’t argue with that person as he or she is bent upon proving his point that why you are worthless. At, time offence is also the best defence but cannot be used some circumstances like your own teacher. As he or she would evaluate you.

Second take a large drawing sheet and draw a vertical line in the center. One one side write all your positive you know about yourself. The other side write all your weakness. Then split the sheet into two and tear your weaknesses and throw that part in the dustbin. Paste the part that has your positive and put it in your room. Then ask your friends, family and colleagues your positive points. In case you find something new write it on the sheet pasted in your room.

The third one is to identify one good thing you did during the day. It can as small as making someone smile. It has to be an action that you feel happy. The happiness that a child feels when he is able to utter a word or stand up.

Fourth be mindful of the fact that no one is born perfect. Perfection comes from Knowledge, developing skills, failing again and again but standing up (if you ever have learned cycling you will understand this point).

Positivity is in your hands

All these will help you build self esteem and a stronger will power. Negativity is like a viral infection that can destroy you as a person. So you have to become immune to negativity. Which can only happen by strengthening your self esteem.

Hope the above helps you in fighting back and become a stronger person in life.

All the best – Do well !!!