The new E cigarette of life – Mails, social media are becoming the nicotine of the mordern age.

I remember reading an article a few years back on why it’s important to keep your mobile away or in a different room. While i did start implementing slowly but have never regretted it. It helped me disconnect from becoming purely transactional or slave to machines.

I bought a smart watch recently and just switched on the Whatsapp notifications. I was shocked to look at a new notification every 10-15 seconds. Which prompted me to write this blog on

Detox yourself from all forms of gadgets and social media platforms

Why is it so important to detox?

  • You become totally transactional
  • Your thinking stops as you are busy answering most of the time
  • You feel lost without your mobile around you reducing your confidence level
  • Instead of finding a solution to your problem you are purely on issue resolution
  • It increases your stress levels being round the clock working even early morning or late at night
  • You are no more connected to your family

Should I stop using social media totally?

The list of disadvantages are huge but, you cannot shy away from these as you need to be aware of these channels. The second part is to use these channels to your benefit to the maximum. But, being mindful of dedicating a particular time limit. As there are disadvantages there are benefits too.

Benefits of Social Tools

  • Set up your business faster using this tool for awareness
  • 24 hours free marketing for you
  • Understanding the emotional needs of your customers.
  • Trending topics and changing needs of the consumer
  • Networking and creating fresh network
  • Precise targetting of consumers
  • Low cost marketing
  • Etc

Again the list is huge

But, my only point is to take time away from these Tools so that you work on your personal life as well think on how you can grow in life.

Thank you wish you the very best.