Speak, Listen, observation in the reverse direction

You want to sell and do well in sales well learn one more skill that is never spoken of in sales


Observe the customer to read his mind as much as possible

To do well on sales then you need to be on top of this skill as much as you can. I have picked up many orders just because of me focussing on the customer body language rather than what they were saying. It helped in multiple ways, understand if the pitch is going well, based on the expression clarify doubts or change your script mid way if you felt the customer is not happy. Finally, I have been able to pick orders at higher value just based on the customer expressions.

In fact once I picked up an order value of 1.83 Lakhs versus 1.5 Lakhs what my COO had approved. Mind you this was a monthly value for three years.

Why I am stressing on observation as it is very difficult for a human being to hide their physical expressions. That helps you to correct mid course if the sales presentation is going wrong. Helps to look for closing signals. One day I was selling a product to a lady and giving her and the husband the presentation. The husband was already showing the closing signals. Post some time i see her relax open her Hair clip and put it back. Bingo that was the signal I was looking for. A lady feeling relaxed gave me the signal. I stopped my pitch in between and closed the sale There itself.

Don’t speak when the customer is speaking – Listen, listen, listen.

Yes listening is very important but it takes the second place post observation. You have to hear to understand the Customer. There can be simple ways thah helps you understand better and make the Customer feel Important.

Say may I rephrase what you said to test my understanding.

This will help you to understand better as well as give the impression to the customer that you are listening to him properly.

Present in a way you show the world (Your product) transparently

Finally, yes you need to know how to present your product. Articulate in the language which the customer understand. Speak in the language the customer speaks. This will help you connect better with your customer.