Corona Virus teaches us nothing is permanent and how to Evolve – Only Evolution is constant

We have been overwhelmed in the last 3 weeks in India with everyone worried about Corona Virus (Covid-19). While the same has happened across the globe.

The reason why the human race has stayed so long is because they evolved

This time the news is so scary that most of us are more worried about what will happen tomorrow rather than working on how would we handle the situation in the coming days, months and years. I personally would request everyone to use this period to jot down what would you like to do in the coming years and identify the journey that would take you towards your goal.

In the last few years after doing lot of coding as a hobby i personally have started thinking at problems in a binary way. To explain it better there can be two ways only either the lock down is successful or the lock down fails. If its successful we will all be happy and go back to our normal life. If it fails then we will still have to go to our normal life with obvious defined hygiene processes.

Second, what do we do during lock down is also on how we look at the problem. Yes Covid-19 is a dangerous virus, its fatality rates are higher than what we have seen in our generation. There is definitely a fear of the Virus and most of us are too much involved in it. Since we don’t have much to do at home except for con calls and regular official work. There is plenty of time on our plate, some of us would be locked down in a small place, watching TV and finally ending up looking at the sensational news or sensational WhatsApp messages.

Can we stop looking at the situation and work to improve our own evolution as a person. Well that’s what I think is the most important activity we should be focusing today!!!

Work on two aspects:

  • Learn to become a better person/ professional and
  • Identify future growth opportunities


Learning could be various

  • Self development from a behavioral aspect
  • Skill development from a professional point of view
  • Increasing knowledge about your own field

future growth

  • Take time to find out what all good is happening around the globe. We have many companies diversifying to help the country like making ventilators, mask, medical support etc.
  • How are your own competitor handling the current scenario and are they working to find an innovative solution. Like I recently saw Kevin Cavinkare coming out with Rs. 1 sanitizing sachets. A first in the FMCG market
  • The realities that you would expect as result of this outbreak and how you could circumvent those problems. Specially industries like restaurants in post Corona Virus or Malls for that matter.

It does not mean that we should not be mindful of the present. But, brooding over a problem that you don’t have a solution will not take you anywhere. What will take you is how you tackle the current situation to emerge out a winner..

Thank You

Stay Safe