The first impression is the last impression – The Punch Line- Part 2

In my earlier post I touched upon the part of grooming and importance of body language.

Similarly your sales pitch too should have a strong impact. The opening has to be so powerful that you get the attention of the customer immediately. This can happen only if you understand the customer’s problem or the critical need for buying a product.

I frame this as the punch line of starting a sale. It’s like you punch a person so that you get his or her full attention.

Punch line – important tip to succeed in sales

Let’s take an example of two sales perso who wish to sale their training to an organization. They both have been successful in increasing the productivity of another organization by 25% and reduce cost of manpower by 50%.

The first person gets a chance to meet the business head and start with sharing in detail about his organization and tread into places that are much of interest to the customer. The customer may listen to the sales person for some time but lose his focus or get distracted. Even when the sales person touches on productivity improvement generally he may not get a proper listening.

On the other side of the second sales person meets the same person and says simply.

“Good morning I am abc from xyz company and I have come to share a solution that could increase your productivity by 25% and reduce your cost by 50%. “

What do you think would happen. You guessed it right the customer will put everything on hold and listen to the proposal.

I define punch line that forces the customer to leave every and give you his full attention. Then it’s all about how you take if forward.

If you want to create a punch line the tip is to create a powerful sentence that solves the customer’s biggest problem and speak the customer language not yours.