A few pointer for designing a Sales App for the sales team – From an organization perspective

An App can make your life much easier than what you believe. Specially if you are dealing with large teams.

How does an App help?

  • It provides a clear structure to your sales team on what all activities are needed to be done daily, weekly and monthly.
  • The App can be used to on board your team faster by ensuring that all regular activities are done even by a new joinee
  • The App can even lay a path on how the sales person needs to travel on his daily beat. Which outlet to cover first and so on so forth.
  • Past billing trends of outlets, stock levels, collectable etc.
  • Are visits happening, service levels of the sales executive, billing pattern, productivity of beat, etc

What is critical to developing an App?

  • Start the App at the front line, make something that helps them reducing their pain points.
  • Make the App simple as much as possible. So that deployment may happen with little training.
  • App is a journey not a one time solution.
  • R&D on the run is critical to success. App is a continuous development process. To give you a simple example FB is still being developed till date.
  • The App cannot be a copy paste it has to be customized to your own personal need
  • Identify only three major pain point to start with
  • Use free copyright free software with skills easily available in the market like php, mysql, android etc. Keep your App cost effective.
  • Try pilots od low cost Once you succeed invest on technology

While these are pure basic points but critical, hope the above helps you in your App launch. Thanks wish you the very best