Pull leads a great indicator to targetting the right segment and using for push sales also

Pull leads are the favorite of any sales guy. If a Customer is calling and saying i am interested in your product You will see each Sales person fighting for it. Reasons are simple getting an order increases large to the level of 💯

Mind you I am not talking of the bulk leads being generated through the digital or mass marketing. As they are targeted at mass lead generation.

Actually, to succeed you should run pull based pilot campaigns and study them carefully. If you are able to get a high level of conversion you are home.

Why am I saying that?

The answer lies in the opening lines. If I have a higher conversion campaigns all I need to do is analyse in detail the traits of these customers it could be as simple as demographic to complex one creating affinity based models. Once you crack the code all you need are similar campaigns around those traits.

This way not only you would end up spends at the same time get into precision targeting. Obviously you can’t just work on pull campaigns you need to get into push campaign based on the traits defined in pull marketing.

With the Advent of digital marketing this has become very easy and cost effective.

So work on Pull and extract the Max

Happy selling – All the best