You cannot change others but yourself – No one is in your control – So learn self motivation

A few days i read a post of a young lady wherein she mentioned about her success and also mentioned that she was able to do it despite many saying that she was good for nothing.

I did chat with her and said

“Lot of people thrive on negativity – ignore them – they themselves can’t do anything how do you expect praise from them?”

The answer that I received was

“Still I have so many ppl… Who just know how to criticize and discourage me… In my workplace”

She was bang on the point and it reminded me of something I saw on YouTube a very power story of a young man. When he was young he thought he could change the world, when he failed he thought he would change the society, then his friends, his wife, his children and finally he realized that the one he could change was himself. Which impacted his family, in turn his friends, so on and so forth.

Negative people will only make you negative

We all go through the same feeling at times on why someone tries to demotivate us.

It’s human to find faults in others specially if that person has achieved or feels that he is more successful than you. So the best way is to ignore them, if they cannot find anything good about you how can they talk negatively to you?

Said that it’s not so easy as if someone keeps on repeating negative words regularly it impacts you. The other way is to stay away from those people as much as possible.

Finally, there are times you cannot avoid them or ignore them. Then you need to become immune to their Negativity by creating an aura of Positivity as shared in my earlier post. Try to find good things about yourself, get people who can share your strengths, stay with people who can motivate you. Like negativity breeds Negativity – Positivity breeds Positivity!!!

Become immune to Negativity

So I suggest you to

  • Ignore negative people
  • Avoid negative people as much as possible
  • Create a strong immune system to Negativity
  • Identify people who are positive in nature and try to be with them as much as possible

Wish you the very best and become a stronger person

Remember all great people are known to be humble…