Lock Down Covid-19 – Then What? Was this lock down necessary?

This must be going in the mind of each and every person across the globe.

Lock Down Covid-19 - Then What? Was this lock down necessary?
What lock down essential?

Will the virus get eradicated?

Very unlikely unless a cure comes but the lock down would have taught a lot on how to handle the virus better. There are many positives of initiating a lock down in a country of illiterate and the educated literate. Except one negative is the slow down of economy which was already there on the anvil just the market eroded taking Covid-19 as the major reason. The positive of the lock down:

  • Education and the seriousness of the issue across masses
  • Learn on how to work from home
  • Avoiding unnecessary socializing with people
  • Moving out only for essentials
  • The importance of saving in our life
  • The importance of good health

Time The largest benefits of Lock Down

There are many other benefits of the lock down which has not been in the limelight. The most important one is the preparedness and time bought to handle Covid-19. Had India not opted for a lock down our health machinery would have got overwhelmed and cracked. Which would have led to major issues in the country.

Aligning political parties

This is a major success where all CM of respective states are taking the ownership of their own state. Finally, we see each and every political leader aligned to the well being of their own people.

Aligning Corporate

What this lock down has done is to align the machinery apart from the health industry to support the health industry. To cite an example of my own group Mahindra an auto specialist designing ventilators, mask and rolling hand sanitizers.


There are many innovative solutions that have come out to support the health care. Like converting the railway coaches into Corona isolation centers. Apps created that help you identify if you are infected or even know if there are cases nearby. Even police is using lighter ways to connect with the society through education, songs, etc. Product innovation brought in by Kavincare through Rs.1 sanitizing sachets.

So in all even if the virus does not get eradicated. I for sure would be more comfortable going out once the lock down gets over.

Please follow the guidelines and stay safe…

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