Literacy versus education – Multiple real time examples from Corona Virus Situation

Literacy and education are termed as same thing but the literacy has got indirect relation with educationLiteracy is about acquiring the skills and learning, while education is about applying these skills and learning for benefit of other people. … Every literate person cannot be called an educated person. ” Is the first definition i could see on the web “

How will books help if you do not put the learning to help others

Cases of uneducated people

Let us reflect on some of the recent cases we saw in India which propagated the spread of Corona Virus. One famous case is of a popular singer who put many people to risk by moving out in the society and attending multiple parties. Despite well knowing that she should have been in quarantine on her own. When asked that why was she not following the rules – Answer as lame it can be.

“I have requested the authorities to come and test me” – Common when you are sick do you ask the hospital to come to you or you go to the hospital.

Another case of a jeweler and his family despite coming from Dubai did not get quarantined on their own. Went to various social gathering, opened his shop, but did not get tested on his own. They were taken to the hospital forcefully post their neighbor complained. All found Corona positive.

We may classify them as non educated and literate. The extreme is where a case came in larger in scale of a religious organization that had clear symptoms and who flouted the rules blatantly. Its only when the government caught up with them that the reality came in. The plank put in is that we are there to support our suppressed community.

while most are sensible and educated

The choice remains with you if you wish to be a literate or become an educated person. The educated person is the one who cares about others. Takes decision keeping the other person at the front. While the media too sensationalize the cases that bring more views. There are many cases where the individuals have self quarantined themselves post their travel. Not, only from the society but as well as from their own families. This is how i feel a person can contribute to others and the society. Its time to take a pledge to be an educated person and think about the well being of others.

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