Learn to disconnect to reduce stress and observe your business – A golden rule to a peaceful life.

In the year 1995 I used to handle Chhattisgarh for Carrier and was responsible for the business of that region. I had multiple sleepless night worried with delivery of machines. Where all need to followup, with whom you need to follow, will it happen or not.

Transactional way leads to stress

After, multiple sleepless night a thought crossed my mind. Can I do something at night or will it make any difference thinking on it. That’s the day I decided to disconnect from business, which in turn helped me to reduce unnecessary stress.

Disconnect to lead a stress-free life

The other part I realized that when you become overtly transactional you lose an opportunity to improve the overall business.

So don’t just disconnect from your business at night but do disconnect at times from the transactions. Then observe how your business is moving what all corrections that can be done to make it better. Observation as an external person will help you identifying opportunities to improve business. Something also known as helicoptering where you sit back and see your business holistically.

Observe your business from a distance

It also help you to critique your own process and correct it. We are human beings so if any one else critiques our process we end up debating on why this is the best. Remember I made it so how can I go wrong as I am the best. But, if I find my own gaps I feel happy that I found the gap and corrected it.

Third is to disconnect to do a self reflection as a person. Question yourself what do you want to become after five years, what would be the journey to reach that position, what all skills you need to develop, what are newer technological changes that are happening, what all knowledge you need to gather to remain competitive.

Self reflect and look for opportunities

So disconnect for sometime regularly to succeed in life.

All the best – Wish you a successful Stress free life

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