Leadership lesson from a mother – Encourage, Encourage and Encourage

This is a lesson to be learnt from mother’s which is Encourage, Encourage and Encourage. Mothers are adapt in teaching their children and motivating them to reach the Pinnacle of success. There are many cases where the society rejected the child to be hopeless turning out to be successful in life.

So why did it happen in the first place?

We are all tuned to have a ready made recipe so we don’t need to put efforts. It starts at the school with teacher appreciating the student who has already read the chapter and answering even before the teacher himself/ or herself taught the subject. Similarly for professors in college and supervisors in the corporate life. Why the answer is obvious we want everyone to start from day one delivering results. Who wants to put pain in developing others?

So those who don’t deliver are branded failures. Surprisingly, some of them who joined that company might have been doing well earlier and others go on to do well in their future companies.

Why does it happen?

It all depends on how you motivate your employees. Motivating is not about sending a few positive messages in the morning or giving a speech only. It’s a rigorous process of connecting with your employees at an emotional level otherwise all your messages or speeches will go in vain as shallow messages.

There are enough number of books about spoken words, law of attraction etc. Largely all speak about self belief etc. It’s fine with employee having high self esteem which is not high on percentages. Large have average or lower self esteem.

So if you keep on saying to your employees that you can’t do. You are reinforcing his own negative thought of being a failure. On the other hand if you keep on encouraging your employees their self esteem will increase leading to better results. They will start believing that they can succeed in life.

Emotionally stronger employee deliver better results as they are self motivated which results from a stronger will power. High self esteem is the reason for a stronger will power.

These are positive affirmation that you should use with your employees

So put effort in increasing the self esteem of your employees like a mother does with her children.

All the best – Do well in life!!!

In my next post I will share

How do you deal in a situation where you are being called worthless ?

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