Is it the end of physical newspaper or this there a way out?

With Covid-19 all around us many of us have stopped the newspaper. The reason plain and simple the newspaper paper touches so many hands then why take a chance of getting infected.

Is print news at its fag end

It reminds me of some big companies like Xerox, Kodak, Nokia who did not change as per the changing time. Finally, losing their markets from being the leaders at one time.

Is it the medium the issue or the value of newspaper going down with time. Did the newspaper companies not change enough with time. Lets be realistic with online news becoming prevalent what does a newspaper add value. Apart from being easy to read and be able to read for an hour without stress I personally see no value or because of habits we keep on buying newspaper. Yes there are editorials which add value.

Said that are there is only one way to increase circulation in the current context. It is to provide more value to the newspaper by creating horizontal marketing. The newspaper should be like social media where people can come and share their stories. Use it as a creativity background, use to improve education (Not literacy), keep only useful specific news, harp on its authenticity.

Perhaps you will end up making a newspaper more popular than the social media…

Please stay Indoor and stay Safe till the lock down is over!!!

4 thoughts on “Is it the end of physical newspaper or this there a way out?”

  1. Definitely….I agree with your views on changing with times …very insightful thought..
    Innovation s the key to success…

  2. Change is permenent on.this earth
    it is always better to change yourself with the Current trends ! Be the first to change yourself otherwise Change will change U permently to perish from.this earth

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