Empathy a Challenging but a Critical one for ROH (Return on Happiness)

To simply put it across the day you learn empathy you have mastered on how to become successful in a business. For that you need to visualise on how how your customer would feel while experiencing your product.

There is a very nice story which I read maybe some 35 – 40 years back. The story is about a poor person lost and hungry. The story actually sums up of what empathy is all about.

Luck being on his side that day, the man lands up in a place where there are a lot of students and he sees a monk among them. The man shares his plight with the monk and says I am very hungry can I have something to eat.

The Monk smiles at him and says son your lucky we were just going to have lunch please join us. The man is very happy goes to the dining place and sees everyone sitting but no one is serving food. The Monk is with a very strange kind of fruit in his hand ask the man what would you like to eat. The man imagines what all you would like to eat and tells The Monk.

Like magic whatever the man had desired is served to him. The man is totally confused but being hungry he eats first. After eating his food he falls on the feet of the monk and request him if he could get the same fruit.

The Monk smile at him and say son each of the student you see have come for this only you may also create your own fruit. The Monk does mention that they would be lot of hard work involved in in cultivating the fruit.

The man very happy starts working hard to cultivate the fruit. Initially he puts lot of work and later he becomes a bit lazy but realises that his fruit is still growing big. The other student still put that hard work while our man becomes lazier and lazier over a period of time.

When the day comes to cut the fruit each and every one brings a fruit on the table. One by one each student ask for what they would like to eat. When the turn of the man comes he also gives his choice of the would you would like to eat.

Something strange happens the fruit very ordinary food. The man cries To The Monk this is not what I had asked but the fruit is serving me something different.

The Monk smiles back at him and says the fruit is giving back how you treated him during the cultivation period.

Just to relate this story with empathy and customers. The fruit is your customer and the hard work is the empathy towards a customer. So you take care of your customer as if it is you yourself. The customer will take care of you.

The man needed food everyday for himself but he watered the fruit twice a week. So if you treat your customer well they will take care of you. If you think only about yourself the customer will ignore you.

Thank You