A simple use case of a chatbot that could on board your employee faster

All of us have joined new organization and took time to get adjusted to the new environment. Largely as we are not aware of the system, processes and the culture of a new organization.

While we do get through an induction program of what is expected from us. We struggle once we start working in our role.

In case we join a new industry the impact is even larger. As we struggle to get the right answers. Smaller issues like how to clear claims, HR policies at times become irritants.

Every organization should implement a Chatbot for their employees

On the other side in case the organization has a high attrition rates it becomes even more important to get the employee on the job day one. In fact each and every organization looks at having the employee on boarded in a short span.

The use case of a chat bot

The answer lies in using a chat bot that can hand hold the employees effectively. Training the chat to answer all related questions that the employees require at some time of the other.

Is implementing chat bot costly?

Before, you get worried about cost let me share that there are tools available online that don’t cost much, even free and can be done by a person having reasonable understanding of coding and linking with your own website.

Does a chat bot take time to get rolled out?

It depends on the training of the chat bot, which in turn depends on your own readiness. If you are aware of what are the usual questions that an employee has, that can become your starting point. A typical chat bot training may take 3 months of effort. But, you could start a pilot within a month and keep improving it on a daily basis.

So enable your employees have a chat not for your own organization and take it to the next level.

Wish you the very best – Thank You