The feedback loop

We have a tendency to make simple thing complex Otherwise how will We get paid more, right?

Well this one loop Which We studied in school and after so many years of experience I personally have not found one better than the feedback loop.

The most simple loop but the best ever designed

You should make this loop as a habit in Each Every activity you do in life Professional or peraonal. Let’s take a simple example of losing weight. Have you ever seen someone losing weight by just saying i want to lose weight. Invariably we end up gaining weight as We don’t change our eating and excercise habits.

Similarly just taking large goals without clearly defined actionables are not going to lead you Any where. In fact it ends up increasing your own Stress levels and Negative pressure. Which definitely would not help business but land you into serious health issues.

Output is just a monitoring number that tells you if you are put the right effective efforts. Remember we studied velocity in school. Just to refresh velocity means speed with direction. Imagine you wish to reach point A and you start running in the opposite direction. You may have to run the whole circumference of the earth. So if you wish to reach your goals you need to run fast in the right direction.

But, business may not be as simple so you will have to keep on doing the regular activity on a daily basis and based on the feedback identify newer ways to reach your goal faster.

So keep doing actions that make you reach your goal, keep identifying new ones and have a successful life. Wish you the best