Need identification the most critical path in sales

in my earlier post I shared that a person will purchase only if 3 criterias are met the first one being having money the second one being having the authority to buy the third one being the need.

Need identification is critical. Need can be two forms whether it is well known to the person who is purchasing or can be a latent need. Need cannot be created unlike many sales person who think that they can create a need.

Hunger is one type of well known need to the customer where he knows need to buy something to fill stomach. Hidden need is something which the customer is not able to understand or articulate. For example the famous Walkman launch by Sony. It was a hidden need of the customer which the company was able to identify and launch in the market.

For need based selling your own understanding of the product has to be very high. Please remember that no product is such that it it can cover all your needs. I would classify that as an ideal product that covers all the needs of customer which in reality is not possible to make. The reason is every person has his own specific need so largely you cover most of the requirement of the customer not every.

So how do you sell a product, the answer lies in first listing what all your product can offer. Then you may connect with your existing member on the why they are using that particular product and what does it solve for them. Making a list of both the product feature and why customer have bought those product will help you identify the possible reason by customer buy your product.

The way to go ahead is meet all prospective customer and try to run them to the various benefits of a product in the first few minutes of meeting them. This way the customer maybe able to identify strong need of his to buy the product. The other reason is that this list may also help him identify is latent or hidden needs. Increase after the presentation you are not able to establish a strong need I think it’s better that you move ahead rather than spending more time at that place.

I remember designing I need analysis questionnaire using a similar method some 10- 15 years back when I was handling a sales team directly. It named as a need analysis form. It help me in multiple way

  • It became easier to educate my own sales team
  • Instead of the customer refusing my team used to disqualify the prospect not spend too much time with them
  • In away all his objections were handled at the start of the sales. At times the customer uses objections to avoid taking a decision. This process could easily tackle those issues at the start as well as in case the customer raises those issues later it was much easier to handle saying that you never say that this is a need. So the customer was very clear that it really wanted to buy the product or not. The sales team on the other hand came out from the customer place with a proper decision.
  • Finally the structure of sales was well defined creating a positive Vibe in the market.

In all we were able to grow and do good business using this tool. Hope the above help you. Do ask questions in case you have.

Thank You

Happy Selling