The sales process – selling is a process if followed will deliver good results

One of the best direct sales organization has been Xerox and I would say I was lucky to have learned the sales process early in life. It was named SPANCO and I added one step further to make SPANCO-R

S stands for suspecting, what it means to suspect if your customer will buy your product. It’s like in the older time (When Mobile where not there) you used to ring the bell not sure if there was a person behind the door. Similarly here you meet many probable customers and meet them to share them your product to find if they need your product.

P stands for prospect, once the customer agrees that he has a need he will buy the product. Not, necessarily from you remember there is competition.

A stands for approach, how you approach a customer is critical to your success. Positioning the right product helps you in getting the order. Specially if you link his needs with the benefits of your product. Use your unique selling proposition with the customer needs. The chances of selling your product increases. One of the reason that the first one to reach the customer has a better chance of selling the product.

N for negotiation, this is where the customer will start will try to extract better value for product on his perceived value of the product. Here one more important aspect of objection handling comes in play. Being an important topic I will cover in detail in my coming post. But, in short if you handle the objections of a customer well you will end up not only getting the order as well as better price.

C stands for Closing, unlike what is regularly used in sales closing does not mean getting an order. Closing means that the customer has bought your product or competition product or decided not buy at all.

O stands for

O stands for order, this is where you walk out happy with the order.

So there is one step I added based on my experience which helped me increasing my business big time. R for Resell, if you sell right you build good relationship which leads to word of mouth as well as more order from the same customer.

Happy Selling all the best