You find a baby, child, teenager and an adult in your team. The guiding Hand.

This was one of the best training program organized by Airtel. For, those who may have not heard of this concept I believe can help you handle a team in a more effective manner.

For every role you recruit or hire a person the person may fit into baby, child, teenager or adult category for that role.

Guide each one differently

Any fresher joining the role will fall in the baby category. How do you train a baby is largely by saying yes or no. No explanation. Similarly a fresher is given a clear direction of what is expected and he needs to purely execute.

Then second category is of a child where the instructions changes to do this as this will help you or don’t do this as this may harm you. Like in sales if you don’t meet more and more strangers your funnel will not increase.

Then comes the tough one the teenager where the employee is aware of the role well and needs lot of buying to make him understand on why he needs to do a particular activity. The chances are here are 50-50 to have a great outcome or poor outcome. A rebellious teenager may destroy the whole business by creating Negativity also. So you need to handle with Care.

The fourth one is the adult stage and the best one to have this is a person whom you discuss the way forward once and he will take it to the logical outcome.

Identifying where your employee fit in can help bring up a powerful and successful team so keep watching

All the best