Sales App 100% Adoption is just not possible or is it?

Have you ever seen the excitement of a new App being launched and the fizz going down after a few month of a launch. It happens most of the time, then there is a huge struggle for getting 100% adoption by the sales team.

Why does the sales team not use a sales App?

  • Is there anything amiss?
  • Is the sales team not using because they don’t like reporting?
  • Is it a fight of control at the top level or the ground team not willing to give away the control?
  • Is the team acceptance of the App or we were doing better without the App why do we need it?
  • If not then what is the missing link?

The missing link comes from the perspective of design thinking. The app is always designed top down based on how it can help me a the top level to address my problem.

The difference between the successful Apps like Uber/ OLA of the world started at the consumer level. It started with a problem statement of the consumer in mind, started simple not complex and finally leading to the desired business outcomes. No once forces us to use FB/ Instagram/ Linkedin as all of them sort out some of our needs.

What I have seen in many organization, In case of Sales App (Employee App) the approach is totally opposite it starts at the top and is pushed down the front liner. Obviously, if I am paying so much for an App it should sort out my issue at the top level. Is the thought we carry as heads. But, we forget that for a successful roll out we need 100% adoption. Which is the key to success in App deployment.

How do you make a sales App successful?

In case you really want an App with 100% adoption there are the following points I suggest you need to look at:

  • Get on the design thinking of what problem it solves at the front liner, middle management and then the top management. Start at the front liner once they see value the adoption is to happen for sure
  • The App should be as simple and idiot proof for the front liner – Start simple get the adoption then add another step.
  • Don’t launch an app with all functionalities on day one – by the time the App gets launched the requirement might have changed.
  • App development is a continuous process not one time. Put, someone on the job capable to along your journey fro scratch to the end point.
  • Create a structured App in such a way that even if a new joinee comes on board he know exactly what he is supposed to do on a daily basis.
  • Your App should be your trainer for your sales force.
  • Finally, but not the least the sales App should be customized to your needs. Never try to buy a ready made product as every business has its own peculiar requirements.

The points can be many but these are the major ones to be ensured. If you start this way not only your cost would go down your productivity would improve too.

Hope the above would help you to design a better App – All the best