My Family the reason of my existence

My first post dedicated to my family without which I would never have been able to sustain or grow in life. My father for teaching me the right values and not to deviate in any conditions. My mother who took over the charge after losing my father early in life. Teaching me to combat all the negatives and come out as a winner. The motivation of a mother is really the best in the world if you wish to succeed. This is where i would like to add as a leader you need to use both the skills to handle the team.

My brother who was the guiding hand, helping me out in real difficult situations. My Sister in law in filling the void of a loving sister.

Yes my wife who has been bearing with me in the last 23 years, hand in hand in my journey of multiple up and downs, changes in my locations and organization. 21 transfer in 25 years is not easy and she has always been there with me.

The larger one is she having faith in me at all times….

Kids do fill in your life with fun and pleasure. They are the best stress busters that bring a smile on your face in any situations. The first experience of holding a little baby was when my Niece was born, I saw her grow, it was something totally different. The my own son came in life, then my other niece and i was finally blessed with a daughter to complete the family.

How i wish I had taken out more time with both my kids. Not to say that we did not have fun. But, you never feel satisfied. 🙂

My biggest asset today are my memories which I started capturing in a camera (My best investment of my Life)

I cant close without a note on my in laws who blessed me with their lovely daughter. Increasing the width of my family with a sister in law and brother in law and their families.

I finally would like to pay my regards to my grand parents and my ancestors for what I am today.