Your Values – Build Trust

Trust of a child to his parents – Customers should trust you the same way

This is the start to your successful career. I have read many articles, blogs on skills improvement training programs. I see this part not being covered in detail.

Remember you are the brand for yourself.

You may decide to start a corporate career or start your own Enterprise. If you wish to grow big in corporate life then it is very important to work on your growth as much as you focus on bringing growth to your organization. Similarly before your Enterprise becomes a success your own brand has to be stronger. To cite an example before the Tata group come their owners.

Your brand will become stronger if people trust you. Yes trust is the foremost value to create your brand value. Which comes at very heavy cost which I will discuss on how you build trust.

When I say heavy price you may have to sacrifice short term benefits on long term benefits. Which in turn is very difficult of day to day pressure of growth in the company you are working for or to meet initial cost of your start up.

It’s good to have a short term horizon but that should complement your long term goals not destroy them. Many organization have fallen as they forgot their core values over a period of time at time vanished totally. We don’t want that happening to you or your start up….

So build a strong value system for you and your start up.

Have a nice day cheers.