It’s all about the experience the customer gets

So what will the consultative selling trigger. The customer feels important, he feels valued and he gets emotionally connected. As consultation is not generic but a one on one connect. Every person has a unique requirement, if you able to find out then 90% of the sale is done assuming that you have checked the financial and decision part.

As soon as you convey the actual need of the customer, the customer gets emotionally connected and this creates a positive experience. The stronger the positive experience the larger the connect. Relationship building becomes an outcome leading to high trust levels.

Provide your customer with the best experience

How do you create an experience?

First, by being specific to the customer need. Ask specific questions about his problem and what solution can you provide.

Second, test your understanding of the problem so that you have understood his problem properly.

Third, provide him a specific solution to his problem not a general approach. For which you need to be an expert in your own product.

Fourth, listen very carefully specially to the objections. Don’t rebut immediately. The best way is list all his objections and clear his doubts one by one. Handle the difficult one the last, by that time that objection value may become miniscule and addressing the objection will be easier.

Finally share stories that connects the customer with your product or services offered. For, example you wish to position yourself as a baby photographer. You need to identify the memories that the parent would like to remember. It could be as simple as taking a pic of the baby with his or her favorite toy or her his favorite blanket and create a story around it

This should help you not only get an order but also walk out with a good relationship that is built on trust.

“Make the customer feel out of the world by providing a solution to his problem”

Thank You