Basics of generating business

Every business needs revenue and profits. The function that brings you fresh business is sales. Many products have failed as a result of poor revenue generation.

With years we have made the whole market place a complex place and created so many theories and jargons that many get confused in what should be the strategy.

Long back in an organization we were told that you need a MAN to sell a product. No disregard to ladies if you break the word the answer is simple. Where M stands for money, Authority and N for need. If any of these is missing you will not be able to sell a product. So to sell a product you need a person who has the money, authority and need.

If any of these three is missing you will never be able to sell. Let’s say you need a house to stay and you are the one to take the decision but you don’t have tbe money to buy or take loan. Will you buy well no.

Similarly you have the money and the need to buy a car but don’t have tbe authority. Lets assume your live with your parents and they decide for you. Will you be able to buy on your own. Obviously No.

Finally you have tbe money, authority but don’t need a product will you buy. Well No.

So, to sell you need to establish these three criteria before pitching the product. Otherwise you may end up wasting your energies without any results.

So the best way is to probe indirectly and try to understand if the three criteria are met. While the first two money and authority would not take much time. Need is the most critical one where I will spend time in the next post

Thank You