Today’s challenge the customer does not want to give time What do I do?

In my last post I was asked a challenge that in today’s scenario the customer is not willing to give time. So how do I sell a product to the customer.

Before I get into a solution for the same let’s understand the customer experience on sales. Today the customer has limited time and is bombarded with multiple offers, multiple telemarketing calls, digital offers, SMS and now even WhatsApp is being utilized to promote sales. So he has got hassled with multiple options plus the commitments that are being made to pick up a sale. The pressure to deliver has led to situation that the sales person promises the customer multiple things that he cannot honor and leaves the customer stranded post picking the order.

So the trend that’s coming in place is either the customer buys a product from a known online ecom brand like Amazon. The other way is to walk into a retail outlet to purchase a product or sales.

To offset the strategy has to be multifold.

The first one is to seek an appointment to share the product. Why an appointment well it’s simple when most are busy selling on the phone create a change by meeting the customer. The important part here is to work in an area of 2-3 kilometers so that your travel is limited.

The second one is to introduce your product approach don’t ask would you be interested in buying the product. Largely most customers become defensive once you share that you are sales guy. So the chances of hearing a no will be large. By introducing your product you may get a better listening ear and selling chances increase.

The third one is to start the introduction by giving a small brief about the product and share on why your existing customers have bought the product. This can help you identity the need for the customer to buy your product or do a need identification process (In a structured way) which can help you understand if the need are strong enough. In case you get a positive response explain the product in detail. In case the need is not identified, possibly close the presentation faster. Here remember the better the presentation the better prospect of closing a sale today or later on. A good presentation may get you some references for selling your product also. Don’t rub the customer the wrong way.

Unless you have joined a new organization, seek from your bosses existing customer list. This is a good way to meet them, seek customer insights, understand why they bought the product, solve their issue if any and finally seek references of their family and friends. The chances of meeting existing customer is higher with less drops.

Remember I shared in my earlier post service should be at the core of every sales person. If you adhere to it by meeting existing customer the chances of getting met through them is usually higher. Conversion rates also are much better. But, word of caution don’t spoil the existing customer’s relationship. Go and introduce the product don’t push give your best presentation.

I would like to end with a point

“Sales is not selling but the process of helping a customer identifying his needs”

Which I will cover in my next post